Bina ticket yatra karna dandiya apradh hai translation

translation of “बिना टिकट यात्रा करना दण्डीय अपराध है” into English is

>> “Traveling without a ticket is a punishable offense.”

This means that if someone travels without a valid ticket for public transportation or any other authorized journey where a ticket is required, they are committing a punishable crime or offense according to the relevant laws and regulations.

They may be subject to penalties or fines as a consequence.

  1. बिना टिकट (Bina Ticket) – Without a ticket
  2. यात्रा करना (Yatra Karna) – Traveling
  3. दण्डीय (Dandiy) – Punishable
  4. अपराध (Apradh) – Offense or Crime
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