100 Common Kannada Words Meaning In English

100 Common Kannada Words Meaning In English – 100 Common Kannada Words Meaning In English *Namaskaraa* नमस्कारा Name – Hesaru हेसरु Where – Yelli येल्लि? When – yaavaga यावागा? Who – Yaaru यारु? Why – Yaake याके? Which – Yaavadu यावदु? Whom – Yaarige यारिगे? Whose – Yaaradu यारदु? What – Yenu येनु? How – … Read more

Parabellum meaning With Example

Parabellum meaning With Example sentence “Parabellum” is a Latin phrase that means “prepare for war” or “if you want peace, prepare for war.” It is often used to convey the idea that being well-prepared and strong is the best way to prevent conflict and maintain peace. The phrase is commonly associated with the concept of … Read more

keep calm and face the devil meaning

>>”Keep calm and face the devil” is a phrase that encourages someone to remain composed and confront challenges, difficulties or adversities head-on, even when they seem intimidating or daunting. >> It suggests that instead of avoiding or running away from problems, one should confront them with courage, resilience and a clear mind. >> Essentially, it’s … Read more

nice to meet you meaning

>> The phrase “nice to meet you” is a common and polite expression used when you are introduced to someone for the first time >>It is a friendly way to acknowledge the introduction and convey a positive impression example of how “nice to meet you” can be used in a conversation: Person A: Hello, I’d … Read more

Shibumi meaning With Example

Shibumi meaning With Example >>mindfulness and personal well-being >>effortless perfection >>height of personal excellence and total clarity. “Shibumi” is a Japanese word that doesn’t have a direct English equivalent. It’s a term used to describe a particular aesthetic or quality often associated with simplicity, refinement and an understated elegance. Shibumi can be applied to various … Read more

heartily congratulations

heartily congratulations >>”Heartily congratulations” is way to express your joy and happiness for someone’s achievements or good news >> means that you are extending your heartfelt and sincere congratulations to the person with genuine enthusiasm and goodwill >>It’s a way of showing that you are genuinely pleased for their success or happy occasion.

Spurned meaning in Hindi

Spurned meaning in Hindi >> ठुकराना >> अस्वीकार करना >> लात मारना Synonyms: Decline, Reject Antonyms: Adore Example Sentence: He spoke gruffly, as if afraid that his invitation would be spurned. spurned lover meaning in Hindi >> तिरस्कृत प्रेमी >> ठुकराया हुवा प्रेमी spurned meaning in English >> means to reject or refuse something or someone with … Read more

professor emerita meaning with Example

professor emerita meaning with Example >> “Professor Emerita” is an honorary title conferred upon a female professor who has retired from her position but is recognized for her distinguished service and contributions to the academic institution. The male equivalent of this title is “Professor Emeritus.” The title “Emerita” or “Emeritus” is an honorary designation that … Read more

speaker emerita meaning

“Speaker Emerita” is a term used in various organizations, particularly in legislatures or parliamentary bodies, to refer to a former speaker who has been given an honorary or emeritus title in recognition of their service and experience. speaker emerita meaning example – in a legislative assembly, the Speaker is responsible for presiding over sessions, maintaining … Read more

Niggle Meaning In Cricket

Niggle Meaning In Cricket >>Light Injury >>Little Injury >>minor physical discomfort “niggle” is often used to describe a situation where there is a minor or persistent form of verbal or psychological intimidation between players on opposing teams. This can involve players engaging in banter, taunts or sledging in an attempt to disrupt the concentration and … Read more