hail and gusty wind meaning in Hindi with Example

hail and gusty wind meaning in Hindi: नमस्कार , दोस्तो आज जानेंगे hail and gusty wind meaning in Hindi उदाहरण के साथ

hail and gusty wind meaning in Hindi

>> बर्फ और तूफान

>> बर्फ और आंधी

>> बर्फीली आँधी

>> भारी हवा और बर्फबारी

what does gusty wind mean

“Gusty wind”is a strong and sudden burst of wind characterized by irregular, forceful gusts or bursts of air.

It often occurs during storms or turbulent weather conditions and can be accompanied by rapid changes in wind speed and direction.

Gusty winds can be powerful and may cause objects to be blown around

Example sentence

हिन्दी — बादलों में बर्फ़ और आंधी के साथ बारिश हो रही थी।

इंग्लिश – It was raining with hail and gusty wind amidst the clouds.

Synonyms for “hail”:

  1. Ice pellets
  2. Sleet
  3. Frozen rain
  4. Hailstones

Synonyms for “gusty wind”:

  1. Blustery wind
  2. Strong breeze
  3. Squally wind
  4. Whipping wind

gusty wind meaning in hindi

>>तेज हवा

>> आँधी

>> तूफानि हवा

gusty meaning in hindi


>> तेज

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