Highly flammable meaning in Hindi

Highly flammable meaning in Hindi – हिन्दी मीनिंग

अत्यधिक आसानी से आग लगने वाला

describes something that can catch fire very easily or is highly prone to ignition

>>अत्यंत ज्वलनशील

>> तीव्र ज्वलनशील

>> उग्र ज्वलनशील

  • “अत्यधिक” (atyadhik) means “highly” or “extremely.”
  • “आसानी से” (aasani se) means “easily” or “readily.”
  • “आग” (aag) means “fire.”
  • “लगने वाला” (lagne vala) means “flammable” or “ignitable.”


>> “कृपया सावधान रहें, यह द्रव्य उग्र ज्वलनशील है।”

>> Please be cautious, this substance is highly flammable.

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