No Face No Case Meaning

>> there is no clear identification of a person involved in a particular situation or wrongdoing, there is no way to build a case or hold that person accountable for their actions.

if there is no readily available evidence or identifiable suspects, it becomes challenging for law enforcement or authorities to pursue legal action.

Example Sentence –

Imagine there’s an online forum where people can post anonymous comments or messages. Someone with the username “AnonymousUser123” posts a hateful and offensive message directed at a specific individual. Other forum members might respond to that post by saying:

“Wow, ‘AnonymousUser123’ is spreading hate again. No Face No Case, right?”

In this example, the phrase “No Face No Case” suggests that since the person behind the username “AnonymousUser123” is not revealing their identity or face, there’s no way to hold them accountable or take any legal action against them. The phrase implies that anonymity allows individuals to act without consequences or fear of reprisal.

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