Outright lie meaning

An outright lie refers to a deliberate and conscious act of providing false information or making a false statement with the intention to deceive or mislead others.

Synonyms of “outright lie”

  1. Falsehood
  2. Fabrication
  3. Deception
  4. Untruth
  5. Mendacity
  6. Prevarication
  7. Misrepresentation
  8. Fib
  9. Perjury
  10. Dishonesty

Example sentence “outright lie”

“Despite clear evidence to the contrary, the politician continued to insist that the allegations against them were an outright lie.”

“She was caught in an outright lie when video footage contradicted her version of events.”

“The salesman’s claim that the product could cure any ailment was an outright lie.”

“It is important to fact-check news articles to identify any outright lies or misinformation.”

“The CEO’s statement about the company’s financial performance was proven to be an outright lie.””He told an outright lie to avoid taking responsibility for his actions.”

“The witness’s testimony turned out to be an outright lie, leading to the dismissal of the case.”

Outright lie meaning in Hindi

>> साफ़ झूठ

>> पूरा झूठ

outright meaning Hindi

>> साफ़ साफ़

>> सीधा सीधा

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