Parabellum meaning With Example

Parabellum meaning With Example sentence

“Parabellum” is a Latin phrase that means “prepare for war” or “if you want peace, prepare for war.”

It is often used to convey the idea that being well-prepared and strong is the best way to prevent conflict and maintain peace.

The phrase is commonly associated with the concept of deterrence, where having a strong military or defense is seen as a way to discourage potential aggressors.


  1. The country’s leaders believed in the principle of “si vis pacem, para bellum,” and as a result, they invested heavily in their military to deter any potential threats from neighboring nations.
  2. In negotiations between the two superpowers, the phrase “parabellum” was frequently invoked to emphasize the importance of maintaining a balance of power to prevent a large-scale conflict.
  3. The company had a robust cybersecurity strategy in place, adhering to the “parabellum” approach to safeguard their sensitive data against potential cyberattacks.
  4. As a martial artist, she trained diligently, following the philosophy of “prepare for war” to ensure she could defend herself effectively if the need ever arose.

Parabellum Meaning In Hindi

>>अर्ध-स्वचालित पिस्तौल या मशीन गन

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