paradoxical meaning in Hindi

paradoxical meaning in Hindi : paradoxical का हिंदी मतलब उदाहरण के साथ जानेगे

Paradoxical meaning in Hindi



>>उल्टा बोलना

Paradoxical meaning in English

The term “paradoxical meaning” refers to a situation where the meaning or implications of something appear contradictory or counterintuitive.

example of a paradoxical meaning in Hindi:

Example: “जिसने सब कुछ खो दिया, उसको सब कुछ मिल गया”

Translation: “The one who lost everything, gained everything.”

synonyms for “paradoxical”-

  1. Contradictory
  2. Antithetical
  3. Inconsistent
  4. Ironical
  5. Puzzling
  6. Conflicting
  7. Counterintuitive
  8. Enigmatic
  9. Oxymoronic
  10. Ambiguous

paradoxical situation meaning in Hindi

>>विरोधाभासी परिस्थिति

paradoxical prime minister meaning in hindi

>> विरोधाभासी प्रधानमंत्री

paradoxical meaning in marathi

विरोधभासी बोलने

contradiction meaning in marathi


paradox meaning in hindi


time paradox meaning in hindi

विपरीत समय

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