Platitude meaning in hindi with example

Platitude meaning in hindi with example : आज का शब्द platitude इसका उदाहरण के साथ मतलब जानेगे

Platitude meaning in hindi with example

>>निरर्थक बातें

>> फालतू बाते

>> तुच्छ बातें

>> घिसी पिटी बातें

Platitude meaning

Platitude can refer to an expression, saying, or cliché that has been used so frequently that it has lost its impact or significance.

Example –

“During his speech, the politician resorted to using clichéd platitudes instead of providing concrete solutions to the issues at hand.”

“अपने भाषण में, राजनेता ने मुद्दों के समाधान की जगह घिसी-पिटी बातें का उपयोग किया।”

platitude synonyms

  • Cliché
  • Banality
  • Truism
  • Stereotype
  • Commonplace
  • Hackneyed phrase

cliche meaning in hindi



i am such a cliche meaning in hindi

>>मै प्रचलित हु

indulge in one cliche meaning in hindi

>> किसी मान्यता मै लिप्त होना

impregnable meaning in hindi

अटल , अजय

impregnable meaning

The word “impregnable” in English refers to something that is impossible to capture, break into, or overcome

impregnable pride meaning in hindi

अजय रहने का अभिमान

pride meaning in marathi

अहंकार , घमंड

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