Psammophile meaning in Hindi

Psammophile meaning in Hindi : Psammophile शब्द का अर्थ मतलब उदहारण सहित

Psammophile meaning in Hindi

>>बालू का प्रेमी

>>बालू मे के जीव या वनस्पती

The word “psammophile” is derived from the Greek words “psammo” meaning “sand” and “phile” meaning “lover” or “one who loves.”

It refers to a type of organism that thrives in sandy environments or has an affinity for sand. I


गाय का एक विशेषता है कि वह बालू प्रेमी होती है, और इसलिए वह बालू के समीप जमीन पर अधिक समय बिताती है।

One characteristic of a cow is that it is a psammophile, and therefore it spends more time on sandy ground.

Synonyms for “psammophile” in English

  • Sand-loving
  • Sandy soil enthusiast
  • Sand enthusiast
  • Sand-dweller
  • Sand aficionado
  • Sandophile
  • Sand specialist
  • Sand devotee
  • Sand admirer
  • Sand aficionado

psammophile pronunciation

>>सामोफ़ाइल् (samofile)

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