Reserved Day meaning in Hindi – रिज़र्व्ड दिन का मीनिंग

Reserved Day meaning in Hindi : Reserved Day का हिन्दी मे मतलब आरक्षित दिन होता है । अक्सर जब कोई दिन किस खास काम के लिए रखा गया है तब उसे Reserved Day कहते है । और डीटेल मे जाने –

Reserved Day meaning in Hindi

>> आरक्षित दिन

>>पूर्व-नियोजित दिन

>>आवंटित दिन

>>आरक्षित तिथि

>>बुक्ड दिन

synonyms for “Reserved Day”

  1. Designated Day
  2. Allocated Day
  3. Set-aside Day
  4. Booked Day
  5. Blocked Day
  6. Reserved Date
  7. Scheduled Day
  8. Reserved Occasion
  9. Reserved Time Slot
  10. Prearranged Day

Example Sentence –

हमने शादी के लिए 15 जून को एक आरक्षित दिन रख लिया है।

“We have reserved the 15th of June as a designated day for the wedding.”

Reserved Day meaning

A “Reserved Day” refers to a specific day or date that has been set aside or allocated for a particular purpose or activity. Day has been reserved or booked in advance, ensuring that it is not available for any other conflicting events or appointments.

The reservation could be for various purposes such as meetings, events, appointments, celebrations or any other scheduled activity.

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