Shorn meaning in Hindi English- शोर्न का मतलब

दोस्तो shorn का हिन्दी और इंग्लिश मीनिंग अर्थ उदाहरण के साथ जानेंगे ।

Shorn meaning in Hindi English – शोर्न का मतलब

The term “shorn” is the past participle of the verb “shear.” It refers to the act of cutting off or removing something, particularly in relation to cutting off the wool or hair of an animal.

>>बाल काटना

>> बाल कम करना

>>बाल छोटे करना

Example –

if someone says, “He had his long hair shorn,” it means that the person’s long hair was cut or trimmed significantly, resulting in a shorter hairstyle.

किसने कहा “मैंने मेरे लंबे बाल कटवालिये ” मतलब उसने उसके बाल कम किए

“The sheep were shorn of their wool” indicates that the wool was removed from the sheep through the process of shearing.

मेढ़ी के बाल काट लिए गए ताकि ऊन मिल सके

10 synonyms for “shorn”:

  1. Sheared
  2. Trimmed
  3. Clipped
  4. Pruned
  5. Cut off
  6. Cropped
  7. Shaved
  8. Delimited
  9. Snipped
  10. Lopped

10 synonyms for “shorn” in Hindi:

  1. काटा गया
  2. कतरा गया
  3. काट लिया गया
  4. कम किया गया
  5. कट गया

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बाल कटी भेड़

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कैची या कतरनी

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कैची या कतरनी

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