SKIMP meaning in Hindi With Example

SKIMP meaning in Hindi : दोस्तो आज जानेंगे SKIMP meaning in Hindi और English उदाहरण के साथ

SKIMP meaning in Hindi

>>कंजूसी करना

>>खर्च कम करन

>> खर्च मे कटोती करना


>>बचत करना

SKIMP meaning in English

the term “skimp” is a verb that means to be frugal, stingy, or economize by using less of something than is necessary or expected. It typically refers to cutting corners, reducing expenditures, or being sparing in order to save money or resources.

SKIMP example sentence

“I decided to skimp on my vacation expenses and opted for a budget hotel instead of a luxurious resort.”

“मैंने अपनी छुट्टियों के खर्च पर कमी करने का फैसला किया और एक आलीशान रिज़ॉर्ट नहीं चुना और सस्ता होटल ही चुना ।”

SKIMP synonyms

  • Save
  • Economize
  • Cut corners
  • Pinch pennies
  • Conserve

vanquish meaning in hindi

vanquish meaning in hindi – हराना या पराजित करना

hoard meaning in hindi

hoard meaning in hindi भंडार, खजाना

scrimp meaning in hindi

बचत करना , खर्चा कम करना

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