Snakey person meaning

Snakey person meaning

“Snakey person” is a colloquial expression used to describe someone who is deceitful, manipulative, untrustworthy.

>> It’s often used to characterize individuals who behave in a sneaky or underhanded manner, often with the intention of achieving their own goals at the expense of others.

>> The term draws an analogy to the behavior of a snake which is often associated with cunning and sly actions.

Overall, calling someone a “snakey person” implies that they are not to be trusted and may engage in actions that are not transparent or honest.

sneaky person meaning in hindi

>>धोखेबाज़ व्यक्ति

>> चालाक व्यक्ति

>> शातिर आदमी

Example –

  1. “वह एक चालाक व्यक्ति है, हमें आखिरी मिनट में ही बदलते योजनाओं का नोटिस नहीं देता।”
    “He is a sneaky person, he doesn’t give us any notice about last-minute changes in plans.”
  2. “उसने मेरे साथ धोखा किया, मैंने उसे कितनी बार विश्वास किया और वह मुझे धोखेबाज़ बनाया।”
    “He deceived me, I trusted him so many times and he made a cheater out of me.”
  3. “यह सवाल करने में कोई दुविधा नहीं है कि कौन उस सभी के पीछे चालाक व्यक्ति है जिन्होंने यह सारी योजना रची है।”
    “There’s no doubt about who the sneaky person is behind all of this planning.”
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