To let meaning in Hindi

to let meaning in hindi : to let का हिंदी इंग्लिश मीनिंग example के साथ

to let meaning in hindi

To Let having different meaning as below

To let (verb)

>>To let (verb) meaning “allow” or “permit”

>> छोड़ना (chhodna), इजाज़त देना (izāzat denā), अनुमति देना (anumati dena)


Please let me go.

कृपया मुझे जाने दें।

To let (verb)

>> To let (verb) meaning “rent out” or “lease”

>> किराए पर देना (kirāye par denā)


He wants to let his apartment.

उसे अपना अपार्टमेंट किराए पर देना है।

this house is to let meaning in hindi

यह घर किराये पर देना है

Let (conjunction)

>> Let (conjunction) meaning “suppose” or “assume”

>> मान लीजिए (mān lijie)


Let’s assume that he is right.

चलिए मान लीजिए कि वह सही हैं।

to let meaning in english

>>”to let” is an English expression that is typically used in the context of renting or leasing property. It means to allow someone to use or occupy a property in exchange for regular payments, usually referred to as rent.

For example,

if someone says, “I have a vacant apartment to let,” it means they have an available apartment that they are offering for rent or lease to potential tenants.

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